What Would Satan Do? The Devil’s Theology

What Would Satan Do? The Devil's TheologyAnother of my books is now available as an e-book for the Kindle: What Would Satan Do? The Devil’s Theology. It’s written for non-academics, which means it might not be so boring after all.

If the Devil were to write down his theology, what would he write? What exactly does the Devil believe about God, humanity, and sin? What motivates him? What drives his thoughts? It is a truism that everyone has a theology. The Devil’s no different. He has a point of view. He has a philosophy of life.

So what is it?

In what ways has his theology been influenced by, or perhaps influenced that of human beings?

Others have done the theology of John, the theology of Paul, or the theology of the Gospels. There are Old Testament theologies and New Testament Theologies. What Would Satan Do? The Devil’s Theology attempts to express the theology of Satan, that is, what Satan believes about life, the universe and everything.

The book will answer the questions that readers have about the Devil, and may also serve as a corrective to some misinformation. Much of what people think they know about Satan is derived more from Hollywood and tradition than from what the Bible actually has to say about him. From the Bible, the following questions will be answered, based on what it tells us about how Satan thinks:

What does he think about God—his attributes, his character?
What does he think about human beings and what they most need?
What does he think about sin?
What are his thoughts on justice?
What does he believe about himself?

Just as with people, what Satan thinks plays out in his actions. Peter warns his readers to beware of the Devil, who is like a lion seeking whom he may devour. Understanding the Devil more clearly—how he thinks, what motivates him—can help readers to have a better picture of who he is and just what to watch out for. Readers will discover that Satan’s thinking rarely follows the path they would expect.

Traditional systematic theology is all too often very dry and boring. It usually covers the following topics: epistemology, bibliology, theology proper, Christology, pneumatology, anthropology, harmartiology, eschatology, ecclesiology, and angelology. Although I’ve tried to break down Satan’s theology and systematize it according to the traditional categories, I’ve tried to avoid the technical jargon. I compare and contrast Satan’s theology with normative modern theology and Christianity. It turns out that Satan’s views are generally not heretical. That is, he recognizes that there is only one God (he’s talked to Him, after all, and he can count), he knows who Jesus is and what he did. He’s certainly aware of sin. But he’s got some serious disagreements with God.

The reader of What Would Satan Do? The Devil’s Theology will learn about what the Devil thinks. In the process, he or she will gain a clear understanding of what the Bible actually teaches about the subjects at hand, in contrast to Satan’s mistaken beliefs about them—and how many popular, un-examined and often common Christian notions are too often identical to Satan’s point of view. Easily and naturally, readers will learn proper theology and how to develop their own.

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