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Debating God

While Moses was receiving the ten commandments from God on top of Mount Sinai, the Israelites despaired of his ever returning. As his time with God stretched from days to weeks, the people began to lose hope and asked Moses’ … Continue reading

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On Pearl Harbor Day, 2009—64 years after the Japanese attack—the first commercial suborbital space ship was unveiled in Mojave, California. The then California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the then New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson officially certified the name of the … Continue reading

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Model Rockets

Flying model rockets are lightweight rockets made of non-metallic parts such as plastic, cardboard and balsa wood. The engines are small, solid fueled and not reusable: they come in sizes ¼ A through G, with a total impulse (metric standard) … Continue reading

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A few years ago when I was working on one of my books, I got an email from my overworked editor in London. The copy editor in New York didn’t like one of my sentences and had proposed a change. … Continue reading

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God and the Founding Fathers

Many well-meaning people argue that the United States was founded by Christian men as a Christian nation. Undoubtedly, many of the founders were Christians. But some of the most well-known of the founders were demonstrably not. Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, … Continue reading

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I learned about something new today from what someone posted to me on Facebook. It’s called Christian Domestic Discipline. The focus is on “disciplining” one’s wife, including physical disciplining: that is, they advocate spanking. Now if they were simply advocating … Continue reading

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The Trouble with Tribbles is one of my favorite episodes from the original Star Trek. Captain Kirk is focused on an issue with the Klingons. Meanwhile, cute round fuzzy balls that purr have started reproducing and thereby become another problem—but … Continue reading

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Surprise Party

Sunday evening our friends and family gave my wife and I a surprise party for our 30th wedding anniversary; our actual anniversary will occur on Tuesday, June 25. Apparently this party had been in the planning stages since April. Even … Continue reading

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Incomplete Thoughts on Theodicy

Freedom is constrained by love: it is constrained by myself; it is constrained by other humans; it is constrained by God. I do not kill you even though it might amuse me to watch you twitch, because I self-constrain out … Continue reading

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It has been more than half a century since Yuri Gagarin rode in a Vostok capsule into orbit and into history. On April 12, 1961 he became the first human being to make it into space. His Vostok 1 circled … Continue reading

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