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It’s been nearly a month, I think, since I’ve been able to access this website, and this blog at all; and no one else could get to it, either. If you tried coming to this site, you just got an error message about the database being inaccessible. It all started when I updated WordPress on the site; something apparently went wrong. What was particularly annoying to me was the fact that the company that hosts my website not only failed to do anything to help me, they couldn’t even be bothered to respond to any of my emailed requests for help. They gave me an autogenerated “incident number” but then no followup whatsoever. Who is hosting my website? Yahoo. I must admit to being very disappointed with their customer service–after all, it was nonexistent. But they had no trouble billing me for this month, however. That’s never an issue.

I managed finally to fix the problem myself; I probably would have done it quicker, but my father died on May 3 and I’ve been a bit distracted. The funeral was on May 20, in Westerville, Ohio. It went well, I got to see my sister and her husband, my mom and several other relatives. I posted something on my blog on the Jerusalem Post that gives some details about my dad: My Father.

In this same month, my uncle Harry died as well; he was buried the Friday before my Father was buried. My uncle Harry was 100 years old.

And then just today I attended the memorial service for Jan Carson, the mother of the keybordest at our church, Kathy Newman. My wife and Kathy went to college together and graduated the same year; she was a bridesmaid in our wedding. Kathy’s mom was a missionary in the Mali, West Africa with her husband Don. One year while she was on furlow, while I was attending UCLA doing my graduate work, she took a year’s worth of linguistic courses (Jan Carson was conversant in several languages), and since we both lived in Santa Clarita, we commuted together in my car down to the Westwood campus.

For years now they would come to our house ever Memorial Day and Labor Day for our barbecue parties.

So May has been a tough month and I’ve been distracted with more important things than this website; but, I finally have gotten around to fixing it. I now see that WordPress wants to update itself again, this time to version 4.2.2. I’ll post this and I’m hoping that this update goes smoothly.


The update to WordPress 4.2.2 went smoothly. Yay!

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