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The opening paragraphs of another science fiction novel that I’m almost done writing (the first draft, that is): Chapter One Malissa Ann Jennings flapped her hands and shook her head, revealing with the shake twin white cords that dangled from … Continue reading

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Blackerby’s Wonderful Traveling Machine

What the first draft looks like of the opening paragraphs of the science fiction novel I’m currently writing; a novel that I hope to finish within the next couple of weeks: Old J.S. Bach’s eyes had been troubling him for … Continue reading

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On May 25, 1961, before a special joint session of the congress, President Kennedy said, “I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and … Continue reading

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Pet Peeves

Pet peeves are things that get us angry; they are the buttons that people can push inadvertently without knowing they are doing it that get us riled. They are the subjects, the annoyances, that get us to start pontificating at … Continue reading

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The Past Remembered

Within the genre of science fiction, there is a whole subgenre called “alternate history,” in which the author imagines how the world might have turned out differently if say Japan had not attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor, or … Continue reading

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Google decided to figure out just how many books they needed to plan for in their attempt to scan all the books that have ever been written. This was a practical consideration, since they needed to get a sense of … Continue reading

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Spring of Goliath

The beginning paragraphs of a historical novel I’m doing rewrites on: “When I lead my army against Baghdad in anger, whether you hide in heaven or in earth I will bring you down from the spinning spheres; I will toss … Continue reading

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Bent Anvil

The first couple of pages of one of my science fiction novels that I’m currently doing the rewrites on: What the hammer? What the chain, In what furnace was thy brain? What the anvil? What dread grasp, Dare its deadly … Continue reading

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On Being a Theologian

Small children are both fascinating and exasperating. Fascinating, because they always find such joy in the small things we take for granted, and exasperating for just the same reason. That is, they will ask the most inane questions, often at … Continue reading

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If God Loves Us…

I had to preach today in church. This is what I talked about: If I were in charge of the universe, I would make it a better place. In fact, as a descent and good man, I spend each day … Continue reading

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