The Chronicles of Tableland: Now Available for the Kindle

My six book series, The Chronicles of Tableland, is now available on Amazon for the Kindle:

tablelandcover00001The Chronicles of Tableland 1: All His Crooked Ways

For thousands of years, the Egyptian Empire and its pharaohs have ruled Tableland and its assorted nations and peoples. It is a flat world bounded by oceans that extend for light-years in every direction. Matthew becomes a slave to a twisted demon after his parents are murdered. When Longren, a lonely hermaphrodite from an alternate universe rescues him, his despair turns to hope. Longren and his companions—a centuries old Flet, and Samantha, a much younger doctor—are hunting for immortality. Matthew joins their quest.

TwisterThe Chronicles of Tableland 2: Twister

Matthew, Longren, Flet and Samantha journey by land and river across Tableland in search of freedom, love and immortality. Instead, they find slavery, misogyny, brutality—and Matthew’s old master. He is more twisted and far more powerful than Matthew ever knew.

tablelandcover00003The Chronicles of Tableland 3: Dark Waters

Matthew, Longren, Flet and Samantha learn about the Tree of Life in the far south, beyond the mountains. Taken captive by religious fanatics, they escape straight into the hands of pirates.

Sail My Darling LovelyThe Chronicles of Tableland 4: Sail My Darling Lovely

Matthew, Longren, Flet and Samantha are rescued by a floating city. It has been sailing for generations across a sea countless light years across. To its citizens, the story of their eon’s long search for Land has become legend, a myth taught to children and accepted only by fools.

tablelandcover00005The Chronicles of Tableland 5: Behind the Wall

Matthew and Flet arrive in Valley, where Matthew grows to adulthood. Along the way he faces love, hate, and arrest for a grisly murder.

tablelandcover00006aThe Chronicles of Tableland 6: Day Come

Together again, Matthew, Longren, Flet and Samantha battle their fears and demons. At last they cross beyond the southern mountains.

Don’t forget: there are five other novels by me that are available on the Kindle, along with some short stories.

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