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Thus far I am enjoying the process of indie publishing. The sales I’ve seen on the five novels I have up, together with my wife’s Christmas story and four of my short stories, has been in line with what I’ve been told is normal for this stage of things after only the first week. The more books I get up, the more income they should generate, and I have plenty of material that I’ve produced over the years. It’s not bringing in anything just sitting on my hard drive, so to the Kindle they shall go. To learn more about indie publishing, start with Sarah A. Hoyt’s blogpost.

And, as always, I’d appreciate any feedback or comments on these covers and the descriptions of the books; this is all still preliminary.

I have proofread three out of the six novels that make up The Chronicles of Tableland series. I still need to format them for the Kindle. And proofread them again. And I have three more books to go in the set. Here is a summary of each of the first three books of the series, together with their preliminary cover designs.

tablelandcover00001The Chronicles of Tableland I: All His Crooked Ways

For thousands of years, the Egyptian Empire and its pharaohs have ruled Tableland and its assorted nations and peoples. It is a flat world bounded by oceans that extend for light-years in every direction. Matthew becomes a slave after his parents are murdered. When Longren, a lonely hermaphrodite from an alternate universe rescues him, his despair turns to hope. Longren and his companions—a centuries old Flet, and Samantha, a much younger doctor—are hunting for the secret to immortality. Matthew joins their quest.

tablelandcover00002aThe Chronicles of Tableland II: Twister

Matthew, Longren, Flet and Samantha journey by land and river across Tableland in search of freedom, love and immortality. Instead, they find slavery, misogyny, and brutality. They also find Matthew’s old master. It turns out he’s a demon Twister who enjoys killing his old wives. He uses services provided by the Aztecs. Not only have they endured and prospered, they still practice human sacrifice.

tablelandcover00003The Chronicles of Tableland III: Dark Waters

Matthew, Longren, Flet and Samantha learn about the Tree of Life in the far south, beyond the mountains. They escape from religious fanatics when they are captured by pirates. Thanks to Matthew, they finally escape the pirates only to find themselves adrift in a small lifeboat in an endless ocean facing a raging storm.

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