The Debate

And another of my science fiction short stories is now available for the Kindle. I figure I’ll get all the interesting ones up that I’ve either already seen published or that have already made the rounds without success. Those short stories that I’m still circulating among the magazines I’ll hold off on turning into ebooks for now.

The story I put up today is called The Debate. The story’s description is as follows:

David Long was a time traveling graduate student doing research in the thirteenth century. He wanted Father Hockmeyer, who was dying from the Black Plague, to understand how his personal suffering would, in the long run, benefit humanity and human civilization. Father Hockmeyer wasn’t buying it.

The story approaches the question of human suffering and its point, and then kicks it in the shins. It is a very short story, about the same length as Timewinder, I believe or maybe slightly less.

If you’d like to get it, click here.

Remember, all my ebooks can be borrowed for free if you’re an Amazon Prime member.

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