Timewinder Finally Available

Timewinder is now available as an ebook from Amazon.

So, Timewinder is now available on Amazon. It was not as easy to get it there as I had anticipated; the actual conversion from Microsoft Word to a format that Amazon likes was not difficult and the proofreading and trying to make sure there are no typos (which, I suppose, as soon as someone gets it they’ll find everything I missed and joyfully let me know). Also, putting up all the information that Amazon wanted was not onerous. What was an unexpected struggle was getting them to believe that it was mine, that I had a right to publish it, and that it wasn’t floating around the web for free (the only place it ever appeared–outside of its original publication in a small press magazine, Vision Science Fiction–in 1993, was when I briefly put the story up on this blog—and I subsequently deleted all but the first two paragraphs so I wouldn’t violate Amazon’s requirements). What should have been a twelve hour process, from the time I uploaded it to their servers until it was available for purchase turned into a forty-eight hour marathon with multiple emails back and forth. Sigh.

At least it’s done and up. I’m hopeful that the 30 or so other books and such that I intend to “indie publish” won’t be quite as stressful. I don’t mind proofreading and formatting and such (well, okay, it’s not my favorite thing) but I dislike hopping through hoops. On the other hand, making things available for sale that otherwise would simply be sitting on my hard drive makes all the frustration worthwhile.

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