Timewinder Comes to the Kindle

Last night I published a short story, Timewinder, on the Amazon Kindle. It is the first of what will be several of my scribblings–both short stories and novels–to appear as ebooks. The price for the short story will be $2.99, though if you’re an Amazon Prime member you will be able to borrow it for free for a month. Timewinder is a Christmas themed story, which is part of the reason I wanted to get it up as soon as I could at the beginning of December. What’s it about? To put it into just a couple of sentences: What happens when the editor of the New York Sun meets the Timewinder, also known as Santa Claus, one bright day in 1897? And how does it affect a little girl named Virginia?

This short story was original published in Vision Science Fiction #16 in 1993. It was the first piece of writing I was actually ever paid for. Vision Science Fiction was a small press magazine and long ago ceased publication. As I recall, I was paid eight dollars for the story. I put the story up on this blog for a few days, but now that it is going on the Kindle, Amazon’s rules state that they get it exclusively for the next ninety days. Thus, I have deleted the story from the earlier post, but for the opening paragraph as a teaser.

Timewinder is now available as an ebook from Amazon.

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