According to the US Military:

BAGHDAD (AFP) — Iran is smuggling advanced weapons, including surface-to-air missiles, into Iraq to be used by extremists against American troops, the US military charged on Sunday.

US military spokesman Rear Admiral Mark Fox told reporters in Baghdad that Iran was shifting sophisticated arms such as “RPG-29s, explosively-formed penetrators (EFPs), 240 mm rockets and Misagh-1 surface-to-air missiles” across its borders into Iraq.

An EFP is a feared roadside bomb which when it explodes emits a white-hot slug of molten copper that can cut through the armoured skins of US military vehicles.

Fox reiterated that Iranian national Mahmudi Farhadi, detained on Thursday in the northern province of Sulaimaniyah, is one of the kingpins in the bomb smuggling operations.

“He is a member of the Ramazan Corps, the Quds Force department responsible for all operations in Iraq,” Fox said.

So Columbia allowed the leader of a country that is actively killing Americans to come address its students. The words Bollinger, the president of Columbia, spoke before the dictator of Iran began rambling do not undo the mistake of giving him a forum as part of the “Columbia Distinguished Lecture Series.” As Hugh Hewett pointed out, Bollinger does not seem capable of imagining that “skilled propagandists are at work for the other side, and that Ahmadinejad’s non-answers to the questions posed to him will benefit him and his regime.” He is naive beyond belief.

Hugh Hewett went on to write in an article entitled Bollinger’s Fantasy World:

Today’s fiasco has nothing to do with what Bollinger said, a name little known or long remembered anywhere outside of the upper West Side. It is about the platform Columbia provided this thug who is actively engaged in the killing of American soldiers and Marines while plotting the extermination of Israel.

“Gays do not exist in Iran,” according to the Iranian president. He insists women are well treated and respected and free in Iran. He also assures us that he was apparently only joshing about that wiping Israel off the map thing, since, he assures us, he really has no plans to attack any country. He also, he tells us, is not seeking to acquire nuclear weapons, even as the centrifuges spin.

Of course, Hitler, after signing that treaty with Chamberlain in 1938, assured the world that he had no more territorial ambitions. The Iranian president couldn’t possibly be lying about gays and women, so of course we can trust him about that other stuff, can’t we?

Why do I find it so hard to shake the feeling that I’m living in the late 1930’s all over again?

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