Anti-semitism is a long tradition at Columbia University, apparently. Their current decision to allow the anti-Semitic thug running Iran follows a pattern, as reported by George Mason University’s History News Network:

Columbia University has invited a representative of the world’s most antisemitic regime to speak on its campus. This week’s news? Try 1933.

Seventy years before this week’s invitation to Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Columbia rolled out the red carpet for a senior official of Adolf Hitler’s regime. The invitation to Iran’s leader may seem less surprising, but no less disturbing, when one recalls that in 1933, Columbia president Nicholas Murray Butler invited Nazi Germany’s ambassador to the United States, Hans Luther, to speak on campus, and also hosted a reception for him. Luther represented “the government of a friendly people,” Butler insisted. He was “entitled to be received … with the greatest courtesy and respect.” Ambassador Luther’s speech focused on what he characterized as Hitler’s peaceful intentions. Students who criticized the Luther invitation were derided as “ill-mannered children” by the director of Columbia’s Institute of Arts and Sciences.

Columbia also insisted on maintaining friendly relations with Nazi-controlled German universities. While Williams College terminated its program of student exchanges with Nazi Germany, Columbia and other universities declined to do likewise. Columbia refused to pull out even after a German official candidly asserted that his country’s students were being sent abroad to serve as “political soldiers of the Reich.”

Certain groups in the U.S. were perfectly happy with the Nazis up until Hitler broke the agreement with the Soviet Union and invaded it. They didn’t complain at all when the Nazis and Communists divided Poland between them. It didn’t bother them what they were doing to Jews, or the mentally ill, or the disabled. They didn’t mind the book burnings either.

Somehow anti-Semitism never seems to entirely go out of style with some people, though they insist sanctimoniously that they merely have disagreements with Zionism and the current government in Israel. They are loud in their denunciation of the Jewish state for it’s supposed mistreatment of Palestinians. But they don’t seem to mind that the Iranians hang gays, preach hatred against the Jews, oppress women, and restrict the press and speach of its citizens. Of course, they don’t seem to mind that the Palestinians do that, too, in addition to the terrorist bombings and the like. They remain silent to the barbarity of the Moslem regimes of the Middle East.

I’m really sick of the willful blindness and the plucking at splinters while ignoring logs.

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