Moslem leaders routinely refer to Jews as the offspring of apes and pigs. They say similarly unpleasant things about Christians. They have a history of spreading their faith by the sword. Recently two newsmen taken hostage in Gaza were forced to convert to Islam on pain of death. But oddly, if anyone says anything Moslems don’t like, they start rioting, burning stuff down, and demand apologies or beheadings.

Jerry Pournelle comments on his website:

What strikes me is this: all these imams get up and call for the destruction of Western civilization and death to Jews, we’re supposed to – and do – accept that with equanimity.
But when the Pope quotes a beleaguered Byzantine emperor who was under military assault by Moslems, there are demonstrations in the Middle East. And the Pope is “upset” that Moslems would be offended.

No negative comments on Moslems to be allowed? At all?

Of course not. And to show how peaceful and civilized they all were, they went out and burned down four Christian churches. If the people of the US burned a mosque we would have years of sensitivity training, our children would have one and only one subject in school, guilt, advanced guilt, more guilt. We are no good. They are all good. What is it you do not understand about that? You need sensitivity training.

Do you not know that Western Civilization is the source of all the ills of the world, and anyone who would defend a horror like that is a monster who needs to be punished until he understands? Sensitivity training. That will do the trick.

I can’t find anything in there to disagree with. I want to hope that most Moslems are not violent extremists. I suspect those that are not, however many of them there are, are generally too afraid to speak out, however, given the nature of the extremists and their likely reaction.

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  1. Eric says:

    There is a least one Muslim that I’m glad is in the news, and I hope others look up to. I would probably even enjoy meeting her. Anousheh Ansari.

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