This is annoying. CNN reports that Reuters has withdrawn 960 photographs taken by a Lebanese photographer because it’s been proven that at least two of the photos were altered by his use of photoshop to make things look worse than they were.

Of course, then there are the captions that they’ve put on the photos to make things seem worse than they are too, or simply claiming the same person on two different days a week apart is fleeing from the same house that was just destroyed during a night time bombing raid–a photo clearly taken during the daytime. See Michelle Malkin, among others who have talked about this. Or repeating without comment claims by Hezbollah that are later shown to be false, as the report of 40 killed in a “massacre” that later turns out to be but one death. Tragic, but not quite the same as a “massacre.” See the Jerusalem Post, among others.

If the news wishes to become the offical progandists for Hezbollah, then it would be nice if they’d admit it rather than continuing to claim that they are “unbiased.” It seems obvious after a repeated pattern of “mistakes” and “this is contrary our policy” that all oddly seem to come out to favor the same side, that perhaps they really are rooting for Hezbollah.

I have been skeptical of much reporting lately anyhow, so now it has simply moved up a notch. So is anyone telling the truth? Do news people do any fact checking, do any research at all? I’d rather have biased news that tells me it’s biased, rather than arogant reporters claiming objectivity who are just lying to me.

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