You know, I really don’t understand statements like this (from a news article):

The Family Research Council, a conservative Christian think tank in Washington, D.C., argues in its book Getting It Straight that finding people are born gay “would advance the idea that sexual orientation is an innate characteristic, like race; that homosexuals, like African-Americans, should be legally protected against ‘discrimination;’ and that disapproval of homosexuality should be as socially stigmatized as racism. However, it is not true.”

First, do these people think that discriminating against gay people is a good thing? It certainly sounds like they do. They frankly give the impression that rouding gay people up and sticking them in concentration camps might be part of their agenda.

I wonder too, what part of what Paul said does the Family Research Council not comprehend:

For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive. (1 Cor. 15:22)

We are sinners because we are born that way. Duh. And all of us are sinners. Why in the world pick on gay people more than gluttons or the prideful, or even the self-righteous? And what part of Jesus dying for us sinners, and that as a consequence we can all be one in Christ, is so tough to get? Do they seriously want to argue that Jesus died for everyone except gays? Sounds like they might.

Or what part of “loving your neighbor as yourself” is so tough to understand? Perhaps hating your neighbor gets in the way of comprehending simple sentences?

Further rantings against those who hate gays shows up in my article, God Loves Gay People.

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