I’m very interested in space and space related things, so the coming launch of the space shuttle, scheduled for 12:50:53 PM Pacific Time has me quite excited. After two and a half years, it’s good to see them going back again. Of course, the space shuttle system is soon to be retired, apparently: by 2010 if all goes according to plan. It will then be replaced by a new system, the CEV and related launchers. A good overview of the plan can be found here.

Of course, NASA isn’t alone anymore in flying into space; several commercial ventures are planning to get into the sub-orbital game, and ultimately orbital flights. I was pleased, last summer, to get to volunteer with the X-Prize Foundation for the launches of SpaceShip One. I was in media relations, meaning I got to tell reporters where to go. That was certainly fun.

Sites that I like to check regularly to see what’s going on are:

Sky and Telescope

But of course on Wednesday, I intend to be glued to the TV, assuming the flight takes off as planned.

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