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The ATV-5 mission carries a video camera to document the breakup of the vehicle as it re-enters the Earth’s atmosphere. Cameras have often been put aboard spacecraft to document the performance of components. For example, a camera inside the second stage of the Saturn V rocket documented the jettisoning of the first stage of the vehicle. The ATV-5 mission will mark the first time that a camera has witnessed the atmospheric breakup of a vehicle from the inside.

The ATV-5 mission was launched on July 29, 2014, but will not arrive at the International Space Station until August 12, 2014. This final ATV is loaded with more than 7 tons of food, water, clothing, spare parts and scientific gear. The cargo vessel itself weighs 13 tons, so the fully loaded ATV-5 is the heaviest payload ever lofted by an Ariane 5.

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