A Hammer and Sickle Is Not an Appropriate Fashion Accessory

Tyler, the Creator, who was nominated for Best Rap Album of the year for Flower Boy, showed up on the Grammy’s red carpet wearing a Russian hat, known as the ushanka, with a Sickle and Hammer soviet symbol on the hat. I wonder if such a move would have been ignored by everyone if he had been sporting a swastika instead? Tyler Gregory Okonma is the rap artist’s actual name. He is either evil or ignorant, though those two things are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Given his penchant for misogyny and homophobia in his rap lyrics, I’ll go for both. Communism is no less evil than Nazism, and should be criticized just as harshly. Communism is responsible for oppression, religious persecution, and for killing at least a hundred million people during the twentieth century.

The Black Book of Communism is something Tyler, the Creator might want to think about reading. Of course, the entertainment magazines and the other entertainers who ignored Tyler, the Creator’s vile display of a disgusting symbol of oppression and death without condemnation might want to read it too.

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