Three More Preliminary Ebook Covers

Earlier this week I displayed the preliminary covers for the first three books in The Chronicles of Tableland series. Now, here are the final three covers, for books 4-6, along with a brief description of each of Books 4-6:

Sail My Darling LovelyThe Chronicles of Tableland 4: Sail My Darling Lovely

Matthew, Longren, Flet and Samantha are rescued by a floating city. The floating city has been sailing for generations across a sea of countless light years. The story of its search for Land has become a legend no longer believed, a myth taught to children and accepted only by fools. Soon after the city arrives at its destination, Matthew, Flet and Samantha disappear, leaving Longren all alone.

tablelandcover00005The Chronicles of Tableland 5: Behind the Wall

Matthew and Flet arrive in Valley, where Matthew grows to adulthood. Along the way he faces love and hate and is arrested for a grisly murder. Meanwhile, Longren and Samantha have their own struggles to face.

tablelandcover00006The Chronicles of Tableland 6: Day Come

Together again, Matthew, Longren, Flet and Samantha reach their goal beyond the southern mountains and learn, get their dreams, and realize what it is they really wanted all along.

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