The Perseus Collection from Logos Bible Software

The wonderful folks at Logos, the Bible software people, have given me early access to their new Perseus Collection, over 3000 volumes of material. The Perseus Collection includes Greek and Latin classics such as Aristotle, Plato, and Cicero, in the original languages as well as sometimes in English translation. Users of Logos Bible Software will have access to the history, literature, philosophy, and culture of the Greco-Roman world—important contextual sources for biblical scholars.

The Perseus Collection also contains key works of Renaissance literature, such as Defense of Poesie and Faust Book, though it mostly directs its attention to a systematic study of the nature of literature during this time.

The Perseus collection includes literature and history from early America and the Civil War, such as the Richmond Times-Dispatch, a newspaper from Virginia, as well as pictures and maps.

The Perseus Collection even includes two translations of the Quran.

These are not just PDFs. They’re Logos resources that take full advantage of many of the features and tools built into Logos Bible Software. This is a massive collection of material.

And what’s even better, the Perseus Collection is entirely free! If you have Logos Bible Software version 4.3, then you can download them to your computer without spending another dime starting on September 30, 2011.

I was offered early access to the Perseus Collection in exchange for posting my impressions about the material. I think the material is a wonderful addition to the program and as easy to access and search as all the other resources available in the Logos Bible program, which is the program I use for all my Bible study, Bible reading, and Bible teaching. I’ve also made use of Logos Bible Software in writing my books. In fact, I wouldn’t want to be without the program. It’s made things much easier for me and saved me enormous amounts of time.

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