Not Everything is Made in China

Sometimes the U.S. builds things and sells them to the Chinese:

GE Transportation has announced that the first China Mainline Locomotive (CML) will be delivered around Aug. 30, 2008, to the Tianjin Port in Tianjin, China. After being transferred to the Tanggu Depot for inspection, the locomotive will make its way to China’s capital Beijing.

Locomotive “CML 50001” is the first of three hundred 6,000-horsepower Evolution Series China Mainline Locomotives being delivered to the Ministry of Railways P.R. China (MOR). The contract was signed in October 2005 and valued at $450 million.

The full locomotives and locomotive kits are being built in Erie, Pennsylvania. The kits will then be assembled in China.

Full article: First Of 300 GE China Mainline Locomotives To Arrive In China

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